Chia & Haskap Powder Mix



Product Description

An exclusive blend of mineral-rich Chia and vibrant purple haskap berries. Powdered using a unique drying process that maintains 94% of the berry’s healthy bioactive compounds.

The powder retains vital nutrients and tangy flavours of the fresh berries. Add a tablespoon as an ingredient to smoothies and natural yogurt, sprinkle on cereal and oatmeal or add to baked goods. Each packet contains over 180 haskap berries. Haskap powder is rich in purple-blue anthocyanins (180mg per 10g powder). Primary anthocyanin: cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G). Haskaps have triple the antioxidants of high-bush blueberries. Dairy free. Gluten free.



Milled Chia seed, pure haskap powder.

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