Nova Scotia Select Haskap Juice Drink

Winner of the 2013 Best New Juice Award at the World Juice Awards and the Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige award for ‘Most Innovative Product 2013′


We are delighted to bring you our 2013 Nova Scotia Select Haskap juice Drink. Native to Japan, the revered Haskap berry is known as “nature’s little present on the end of the branch”. It boasts double the antioxidant content of a wild blueberry and we squeeze 187 of them into every bottle.

This juice is unique with an intense and powerful flavor and colour. This isn’t just a juice drink, this is a gourmet ingredient, a unique element and component for desserts, cocktails & coulis, and you could win a free presentation bottle if your recipe is published!

Haskap Juice Drink is available in the following formats:


Refrigerate after opening

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