Health benefits of the Haskap

There are a number of health benefits to eating fruit, and the Haskap berry has significant nutritional properties that make it stand out in comparison to other popular berries.

We felt that more investigation was needed on the potential health benefits of the Haskap Berry, so we have compiled the information below and are undertaking our own research into the health properties and maintaining the bioactive compounds in our value-added products.

The information on this page is taken from a number of scientific studies and are analyses of the fruit, not of any value-added or processed products. It is also important to state that nutritional properties vary with cultivar, ripeness, growing location and soil.

General Nutritional Info

As you can see from the table below, the Haskap rates very highly against other fruits and berries.

food comparison table (search ‘blue-berried Honeysuckle’)

The website also carried out their own studies on the nutritional content of the Haskap.

vitamin and mineral content haskap

The nutritional information shown below on Canadian grown Haskap berries confirms these findings

Haskap Nutritional info


Papers on general nutritional properties of the Haskap berry: