What is a Haskap?

Haskap is the new blueberry... Except tastier and more nutritious!!

Health Benefits

Three times the antioxidants of high bush blueberries, more vitamin C than an orange!

Where to buy

Our award-winning haskapa Haskap products are available online or through our resellers across Canada.

Interested in haskapa products?

Our Haskap products are available! Click here to order your Haskap juice, dried Haskaps, Haskap jam and other fantastic products!


Haskapa products in 'International Taste & Travel Magazine'

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haskapa cocktails in 'Occasions' Magazine (NSLC)

Check out this month's 'Occasions' Magazine by the NSLC. Not only is the haskapa Haskap juice featured,... but it is used in 2 different cocktail creations and the 'Restaurant association of Nova Scotia's' Best cocktail at the imbibe festival! Just look at the articles below! haskapa in 'Occasions' NSLC Magazine, April 2014 [gallery type="square" columns="3" ids="1981, 1982, 1983" link="file"]... [Read more]