What is a Haskap?

Haskap is the new blueberry... Except tastier and more nutritious!!

Health Benefits

Three times the antioxidants of high bush blueberries, more vitamin C than an orange!

Where to buy

Our award-winning haskapa Haskap products are available online or through our resellers across Canada.

Interested in haskapa products?

Our Haskap products are available! Click here to order your Haskap juice, dried Haskaps, Haskap jam and other fantastic products!


Haskapa Chutney Baked Brie

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Haskap Mushroom Turkey Gravy

With turkey, I like to serve creamy mashed potatoes, which are smothered in a fantastic gravy. I remember that both of my grandmothers made beautiful, dark turkey gravy, which my mother customized by adding fresh sautéed mushrooms. Now, when I roast a turkey, I often put my own spin on their turkey mushroom gravy with the addition of haskap juice to make an even more amazing Haskap Mushroom Turkey Gravy for my mashed potatoes.... [Read more]

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Some say that Chuck Norris eats a #Haskap a day to keep the doctor away

4 likes, 0 comments15 hours ago

Some say that Chuck Norris eats a #Haskap a day to keep the doctor away

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